Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calixto Bieito - Verdi Opera

This is the opening scene of a Verdi opera by Calixto Bieito. He is a Spanish theatre director known for his “radical” interpretations of classic operas. I saw this picture and thought the article would be funny. So dead wrong. This opera is full of murder and people rubbing the blood all over their bodies, and someone drowning in a bathtub. As bad as that is, another opera he did had worse in it. I can't even type it. It's a wonder he even got anyone to act in them. He makes one actor drink urine! I don't think I would want fame that badly. And anyone who does should clearly be examined. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Robert Kennedy Funeral at Arlington

Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968 and passed away on June 6th. This newspaper only says June on it, no date. The first photo says, "President Johnson condolences, with all signs of compassion, pressed President Johnson Edward Kennedy's hand. The man in the middle is one of Johnson's security guards."

The second photo says, "Kennedy's stretcher carried to the grave at Arlington National Cemetery. In front is Robert Kennedy's son, little Robert, on the right side is McNamara, and back to left is Martin Luther King's successor, the Reverend Ralph Abernathy."

The young Edward Kennedy looks very much like President John F. Kennedy from this angle. Same head shape and hair, that whole family looked very similar. John, Robert, Edward and even John F. Kennedy Jr. as I recall. Tragic. Not the hair. Well, a little the hair too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Axel Bang

Axel Bang. Here is a man I have tried multiple times to find information about. This paper is from 1937 and it's telling us that Axel Bang, a barrister who was apparently quite famous, is about to turn 80 years old. I have found more than one Axel Bang out there, but they are alive and kicking. But this Axel Bang, nada, zip, less than zero. He has an awesome name though. Sounds like a rock star. And I discovered, after my many searches, that someone thought it would be a really cool porn name. Don't ask. It wasn't pretty. Anyway, I have more than one article that mentions him, so I am hopeful that someday I will learn more about him. The barrister, not the porn star.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let's Bake a Little Today

A one sheet recipe page from May, 1937. No, I didn't include the entire page. If you decide you want the recipes on here, email me. I will happily email it to you. I can get saving a recipe from the paper or a magazine, but I don't get putting it inside a book. Hey, let's make brownies. The recipe is in Pride and Prejudice over on the book shelf. Um, I don't think so. It was really torn out carefully. It's hard to imagine that someone used it as a bookmark. I think I've got it. A book was lent to a friend who happened to have these scrumptious recipes they wanted to share. They return the book with the yummy recipes inside and our book lender never took it out. Ok, very weak theory, but I suppose it could happen.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Preaching to the Choir

Now this is an interesting shot. It looks like a preacher, or whoever is in charge of this choir, was sneaky and took a snapshot. I'm guessing we're in the 40's or possibly the 50's. There are a few people not singing and a few looking a little bored. Check out the young guy in the white on the right hand side of the picture. His mouth is forming a perfect O. Wouldn't his singing coach be proud! Who interests me is the girl directly behind him and to the right. Can't miss her with her big, white "pilgrim" looking dress. I think she is shocked that someone is taking her photo. Or maybe she just doesn't like this song. I thought this was a cool picture, different perspective. It also has the number 23 mysteriously written on the back.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Star Wars Stormtrooper!

Without a doubt, favorite bookmark I have found so far! Love, love, love Star Wars. Who doesn't? Alright, there may be Star Trek fans out there that will debate, but seriously, Star Wars wins hands down. Although, I do give J. J. Abrams' Star Trek my respect. It's pretty awesome. But, it's still no Star Wars. I grew up on these movies and somehow I can still sit down and watch them, knowing full well what's about to happen, and still be totally into them. Of course, it was my little brother who got the Star Wars toys, completely sexist, but I remember playing with them. Luke's landspeeder, one of my favorites. And I totally want the Millennium Falcon toy that's out right now. It's 2.5 feet long, comes with Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures, a pivoting gunner station and the engine lights up! It also says phrases and makes all the cool Star Wars sounds! Yes, I know how old I am, and I don't care. I want it. Woo hoo!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swing Nonsense!

This is a snapshot of some kids doing some "swing nonsense," as the paper calls it, at the El Dorado Glass Hall in Tivoli, Copenhagen. It also says that they dance to the newest and strangest form of noisy music. Obviously, someone who didn't care for swing or the music wrote this article. I cannot find a date anywhere on this paper, but our guy here looks like he could give Elvis some serious competition in the hair and hip swinging department! Isn't she cute! Totally in the moment, having a great time, can't wait to tell her friends she is going to be in the paper. Swing dancing is still the thing to do in Copenhagen, apparently. There's a Facebook page you join about it and everything. This is a great picture. I can just see the older crowd tsk, tsking at it as they read the morning paper. These young kids are just awful. Love it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arne Garborg, Norwegian writer

This article is celebrating 100 years since Arne Garborg's birth, and is dated January 25, 1951. I had to look this fellow up. He died in 1924, and lived half way around the world, so I don't feel too bad about that fact, but it does make me realize how uneducated I truly am. Arne started as a newspaper man and editor and went on to publish essays and novels. I found one especially cool quote from him that I thought bore repeating.

"It is said that for money you can have everything, but you cannot. You can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; knowledge, but not wisdom; glitter, but not beauty; fun, but not joy; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness; leisure, but not peace. You can have the husk of everything, but not the kernel."

Very well said, Arne.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To The Danish People, April 1940

This is a very large paper announcing the occupation of Denmark by the Germans in 1940. I don't know if this is an original or a copy, but the feeling you get reading it is the same either way. You will notice that the translation is not perfect. If any of the Danish readers out there would like to provide a better one, it would be appreciated. I can only imagine what the Danish people felt when they read this. I have always been interested in WWII, so I think this is pretty cool, but this particular piece is affecting me differently today. The last two lines could be meant for everyone, and every country. Peace.

To the Danish People
German troops have crossed in the night the Danish border and have made landing different places. The Danish Government has decided to organize protest Country Conditions during Considerations of the occupation that has taken place, and according thereto promulgated following.
The German troops, who now find themselves in this country, enter in liaison with the Danish Wehrmacht, and it's population duty to refrain from any resistance to these troops. The Danish Government will try to ensure the Danish People and our country against the war ratio following accidents and therefore encourages people to calm and restrained attitude toward the relationship, which has now arisen. Peace and order must dominate the land, and with fairness must be paid to all who has an authority to exercise.
Under these for our homeland as serious, I urge all in town and country to show a fully correct and dignified appearance, as any unpremeditated action or utterance may have the gravest consequences.
Copenhagen, April 9, 1940 Christian R.
God bless you all. God preserve Denmark.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Page From Life

Sadly, I don't think this page of photos correspond in date. They seem to have been slapped on this page without much thought. I can tell you that the upper left hand picture of the couple was taken in Svendborg, a town on the island of Funen in south-central Denmark. I can make that much out on the bottom of their photo. Mustaches must have been all the rage. All of the men in these pictures have one! Mustaches are a funny thing. Only a few men can actually make them look really attractive. Tom Selleck, maybe? I'm not sorry they have gone out of vogue, for the most part. I sometimes see these women in their fancy dresses and think how fun it would be to wear something like that. How differently we would act day to day if we were constantly in a dress and men were always in a suit of sorts. We would have to constantly be on our best behavior, always act like a lady. It makes me tired just thinking about it. The next picture is really hard to make out, but the man looks like he should be a captain on a ship. Must be the hat and the beard. The two lower pictures, they look so serious. I guess this is why I love the pictures where the people are behaving naturally so much. Or, maybe she really does just sit there looking a bit cross in real life. No, let's just say the sun was in her eyes. I'm sure that was it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sieppijarvi Lake, Finland

I will admit I had to look up where this place was. I checked out multiple tourist sites and photos of the area. Really beautiful. That being said, this place is way out in the middle of, well, I'm not exactly sure. Snow? The information I found about the area said that the people who live there make their livelihood mainly by agriculture and forestry but also working in the logging sites and REINDEER HUSBANDRY! That is cool! And a little strange, but amazing. I also found out that Sieppijarvi is actually a village of Muonio. And Muonio is known as the municipality with the longest snow season in Finland. For that reason its vocational college has a top ski class that attracts aspiring cross-country ski champions from all over Finland! Sweet! If you like that cold stuff. I think I'd visit during the summer season, thanks. Check out out our post card and the G's all over, awesome. Not sure what they are saying, but pretty certain there's a, "we're cold" in there somewhere.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ah, Modern Art

The translation I get online is "let us rather run away, it's just us who get blamed for it." This just makes me giggle. It's not a big secret for those who know me, modern art is not really my thing. So to see this cartoon come falling out of one of my books gave me a moment of pure bliss. It's nice to know I am not alone in the world on this one. Not that I dislike all modern art, or can't appreciate some of it. It's just that, well, when I look at a painting, I want to be inspired and awed. I want to feel I could reach out and touch the person or object because they look so real. I want my imagination to go wild and my emotions to be moved. Squiggles and lines, splatters of paint? They just don't do anything for me. My Dutch artists, they move me. Ah, best not get me started on those. Suffice it to say, I found this funny.

Historical Procession in Elsinore, Denmark 1926

This is a really cool booklet that was given out by the Helsingor Tourist Association in 1926. Elsinore is English for Helsingor, by the way. And if this really took place, this would have been the coolest procession ever! It says that there will be approximately 500 participants, including 50 on horseback and then goes on to give the order in which they will appear. That is what these cool pictures are, the order of appearance. I couldn't fit them all on here, so you are seeing the first and last panels. The first one says; Herald, Riders with Standards, and Music. The last panel says; Nobility, Citizens with Elsinore Brand, Rider-Captain. Ok, I'm sure my translations are not perfect and I hope all the Danish readers will forgive me. I have searched the internet for any clue about this procession and cannot find a thing. All I come up with is how Helsingor/Elsinore is the place Shakespeare's Hamlet is set, which is really cool, but bring on the parade!! I would be really tempted to brave the cooler temps of Denmark to watch this thing. Please, someone tell me it still happens. Love the look on the Rider-Captain's face in the last picture, ticked because he following all the other horses? Where's the pooper scooper? Hey, at least he's riding. The Nobility has to walk through that stuff.