Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Itty Bitty Santa Stamp

This is a little unique, because it's a USA stamp, and a recent one at that. I am having a momentary lapse into the holiday spirit, so I thought I should jump on it and post this little guy. Oh, shoot! That reminds me, Christmas cards! Well, there goes another year they aren't getting sent. Remember when you were younger and people would always tell you that time goes by so much faster when you get older? They weren't kidding. It feels like just yesterday I was forgetting to mail out last years Christmas cards.


I have no idea why someone would keep this. It's cardboard, and I would think someone cut it out of a box, but the lines are absolutely perfect. No one can cut that straight, can they? Chocolate. I love chocolate. And these look so interesting. Don't you love going to new places, different countries, and finding all sorts of new ways to eat chocolate?! Or any food for that matter. What I hate is coming home. You find all these amazing candies or foods on your vacation and become a complete addict, yes it can happen that quickly, only to come home and find that your new addiction is nowhere to be found. Oh, the frustration. I was in London this summer, loved London by the way, and I found fresh shelled peas. I ate myself sick. More than once. They actually said they were from Africa, so why aren't they being shipped to the US? We live in a world of amazing shipping capabilities! This shouldn't be an issue. Really. When I become fabulously wealthy, I will travel the world, find the best of the best, and make sure they are available for the masses. Sure, why not.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Walking in the Garden

You can tell this picture was not posed. Love that. No date, which is a stinker. Could be anywhere from late 30's to mid 50's? This is just so classic, everyone is dressed exactly as you would picture them in, say around 1940, right down to grandma's pearls. The child is the center of attention, obviously, as children should be. Cute kid, too. Look at all of that dark, curly hair. Mom is pure Hollywood. Alright, I'm sure it's the sunglasses, but still, she's got a great outfit going on. The dress could age her, but she's thrown that black scarf in her hair, and boom, she just got ten years younger. Ok, it's the shades, too. Nobody looks old when they are wearing cool shades. Great picture. Has the number 49 written on the back. The year? Things like that always make me curious.

A Letter

This letter fell out of a book with no envelope or anything else with it. It's beautifully written, and I can't make sense of it as usual. It did remind me of something. Look at that margin on the left side of the letter. That is leaving some serious space. I can remember being in elementary school and learning about leaving that left side margin. Yes, it's a stretch, and sometimes painful, but I do remember moments from that long ago. I say moments because that's the truth. I have a terrible memory. That being said, I do have a the faintest memory of putting my ruler up on my paper on the left side and lining it up just right to make the perfect line for my left sided margin. Concentrating hard, using a pencil, and actually drawing a very faint line so I didn't go beyond the ever sacred margin. At least I think I remember doing that. Or maybe I saw it in a movie. Dumb memory.

Christmas Present Tag

I debated whether or not I should even put this on here. It appears to be a very small present tag. It's only about 2 inches tall, and an inch wide. I just thought it was so cute, and with the holidays just around the corner, I decided why not. Although, I will say, I was in a store today and they were playing Christmas music. And for reasons unknown even to myself, I absolutely hated it! I found myself pulling a face at the Christmas decorations, and at the Christmas candy the store had out. Maybe I am becoming a Grinch! Everyone keeps asking me what I'm getting my kids for Christmas, and asking how my shopping is going, etc. Truth is, haven't even started. Not even thinking about it yet. I'm sure some of you are in shock! I should have something done by now, right? I'd like to put an orange in each of their stockings, have a nice turkey dinner, and call it good. Oh my, I am the Grinch!

T. S. Eliot Turns 70

It's September 26, 1958 and T. S. Eliot is turning 70 years old. This article is actually pretty long, but I didn't feel like I had enough room to put the whole thing on here. I did include a couple of the cartoons, they were too great not to. The picture of Mr. Eliot looking all dapper with his hat and cane says, "there was always something timeless about him" under it. You can't look at that picture and think otherwise. The cartoon where he is standing next to the desk says, "he progresses on a rising track," and the last cartoon says, "the leading word of his criticism is precision and tradition." I could ramble on about T. S. Eliot's life, but I choose instead to share a few of my favorite quotes from him. Enjoy.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.
Humankind cannot bear very much reality.
If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?
Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.
You are the music while the music lasts.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biriatou, France

I am finding surprisingly little about this town in France. It is near the border of Spain and..... See what I mean. I can find a few hotels and inn's available, but no real information, which I just don't understand. I looked up some images and didn't come up with a whole lot. BUT, what I did come up with looked amazing! This little town is right near the water and is as picturesque as any place I have seen. Anyone been there? I need more input!
Our postcard is from 1959 and is in French! I'm so used to seeing Danish this totally threw me. French, a beautiful language I will never know, or attempt to butcher. I have been to France a couple of times, but I have learned that I don't have what it takes to learn the language. I am more than content to eat their pastries while I make like the penguins on the movie 'Madagascar' and just smile and wave.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before All Hands on Deck

Oops, I think this picture should have gone with my All Hands on Deck post from August 29th. I think this looks like the family that was on that ship. Probably getting a last picture with everyone before they set sail for their new home. It would be even better if this were a "hey, we made it" picture and this was in front of their new home. Well, either way, there you have it. Gosh, they look cold. Probably because I am cold sitting here. Yes, it gets cold in San Diego. Not all sunshine and boogie boards. Collective sigh. Sad, I know. But still, it's no Alaska. So I'll put on a jacket, gaze at my palm trees and be happy. Yup, I'm rubbing it in.

Karen Blixen Dining Out

The Danish love Karen Blixen, or did. This is like page 6, Danish style. Here is a picture of a bunch of famous people eating at a fancy restaurant in who knows what year. She is seated on the far left. She died in 1962, and she's not looking crazy young here, so make your guesses. This is back in the day before plastic surgery was common place, so she probably looks beautiful for her age. I used to work for a plastic surgeon in my RN days. We did a LOT of wrinkle removal. Sunblock became my friend after that job. I'm not against plastic surgery at all, but there are limits. I think it's addicting, like getting a tattoo, hard to have just one. Also did a lot of hair plugs. Men of the world, hear this. Bald is beautiful. Seriously. Yul Brynner, hot! So there's my lesson of the day. Use sunblock and embrace the bald!

Japan in Spring

This is a whole fold out pamphlet about Japan. There's no year on it, but I am guessing somewhere in the 50's or 60's. The inside is a very bright pink color, it just doesn't feel recent. Hard to say since in every picture in the brochure the people are dressed up in traditional clothing. Or, as in the picture of the "wrestlers in a "sumo" match," not wearing much at all. It still does it's job, I want to go to Japan. My only problem with it is where they say that it's about 55 degrees in April and that is "ideal for travel, sports, and for the enjoyment of city gaieties and the stage arts." I beg to differ. That is COLD. I may miss the Cherry Blossoms and go when it's warmer.