Monday, December 5, 2011

Hotel Marienlyst

Oceans views and a casino! Woo hoo! You can watch the waves as you lose your shirt. It actually looks lovely. Has anyone been here? It has an indoor pool. Love indoor pools, the humidity, the warmth. Just like good 'ol San Diego. Our recipient is Inga. I'm sorry, but that is a classic European name, gotta say it. The only Inga I have ever met was a masseuse. She gave me a deep muscle massage while carrying on a conversation with a very European Inga-ish accent. Also classic. I noticed that our sender writes in all capital letters. I wonder if it's a penmanship thing? No one can read your cursive, therefore, you print? But why all capitals? They say that people who write in all capital letters are trying to hide who they truly are. And, most handwritten ransom notes are written in all capitals. Just throwing that out there. You're totally going to start watching people who write in all capitals now, aren't you? My only complaint about this card is that it's a tad boring. Shouldn't postcards show you a view? The wonderful, wish you were here, but not really, beautiful view?