Sunday, August 25, 2013

To and From

Aren't these the cutest little things! I say things, because if you look closely you will see that it is in two different pieces. The bottle is split towards the bottom of the label. They are each just under 2 inches in height. On the back of one it says To and the back of the other says From. 

These little Scottish fellows are to accompany a bottle of wine, or whatever your liquor of choice may be. If you've never traveled to Scotland you are missing out on a real treat! I have been lucky enough to spend some time in Edinburgh and it was amazing! The castle, Holyrood Palace, the Scott Monument, all fantastic. But the real treat is to walk The Royal Mile and take in the street performers and food! Don't take my word for it (although you totally can) and go see Edinburgh now! You won't regret it and I want a full report when you return.

Handmade Bookmark

I was so close to just putting this handmade bookmark in my box of things that have already been blogged about. I mean, I see these often enough it doesn't feel very oooh and aahh.  I just couldn't do it. Someone put what had to be hours into this thing. It's 8 inches long and over 2 inches wide. It's pretty darn big. How many of us have something we have made with our own hands to leave behind when we pass away? I have three children. I made my oldest a blanket, took HOURS of crocheting. My second child received a smaller, half finished blanket. My third....that poor child will have to visit her siblings to see anything made by mom.

So maybe it's my lack of skill in making things by hand, but I definitely feel like people who take the time, and have the patience, to create something need to be given some props. Well done, well done.

House and Garden 1931

This is a one page newspaper piece that is in remarkably good shape. There are a couple small tears, but considering it's 82 years old, pretty sweet. The top says House and Garden and the entire page seems to be devoted to when to plant your flowers and fruit plants.

The back side of the paper is entirely ads, mostly for travel. If newspapers today advertised travel as much as those I find in my books, who could resist hopping on a train or boat and seeing the world? It would tempt me to no end. Like the times the paper will put multiple pages of pets that need to be adopted. I can't look at them! It's an addiction, pets. I currently have more cats than any sane person I know. I am literally becoming the cat/book lady! To me, it's a dirty secret. I tell no one how many cats I have. But my kids! Oh, it's bragging right. How many times have I laughed it off, shrugged my shoulders, and tried to run away, when my kids have started to tell other kids and their parents how many cats we have. They ALL give me a wide eyed, are you kidding me, kind of look. I used to try to explain, but it really just makes the situation worse. So there you have it. A confession of sorts.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Letters in a Book

I recently received a new shipment of books, 6500 in all, and I am starting the unpacking process which is better than Christmas! I found a small book today with several letters pasted and attached to the inside covers. The front cover had this little envelope and the paper that was inside of it just opposite of it.
 The back cover has this letter attached that had been in a sealed envelope. Not your standard lick the nasty paste on the envelope type of seal, but a wax seal! So my first thought is that it came with the book somehow, a fun little added something. But then I notice something.

Behind the broken seal was a newspaper clipping. How would that get there? I had to see what it was!

I carefully peeled away the letter and managed to get some of the clipping off of the back of the book.
It didn't fair well, as you can see. But, the interesting thing is, it's a small clipping showing travel places, times, and prices!

Ok, I realize it could be a souvenir or something, but in my crazy world, it's a secret plan to escape together. Two lovers, perhaps? Someone escaping a bad situation? The possibilities are endless. And of course they made it, wherever they were going, because they kept all of this as a reminder.

If you are Danish and can read this letter, which I will probably try to translate at some point, could you please just play along that it's something amazing?!  Life is so much more fun that way.