Friday, January 3, 2014

Nuremberg Postcard 1921

A picturesque image of Nuremberg Main Market Square sometime around 1921. The area has a rich history. Sadly, during WWII, much of the architecture was damaged or ruined completely. It still remains beautiful, however, and is on my list of places to see.

The fountain in the picture was referred to as Jewish Fountain or Neptune Fountain and was ordered to be removed by Hitler. He also went and changed the name of the square to Hitler Square or something, and named a street after himself there as well. Geez. Ego, people, right there. Huge, screaming, ego. To many of us, Nuremberg reminds us of WWII and the trials that went on there after the war, but my reading about this marvelous city has been remarkable and has taught me many things that I will leave you to find on your own. Just know it is well worth your time. I love learning about new places. Oh, I am needing a trip back to Germany! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful....

Doodle on an Envelope

In the last few years I have really learned to appreciate and love art. I can't create it myself, so I ooh and ah over other people's masterpieces. I love when I find other people's doodles on spare pieces of paper in my books. Then I get to play art interpreter extraordinaire!

Here goes. I see a man, he's reclining in bed, one foot on the floor. He's holding a bottle and has a spare, one should always have a spare. Here's the tricky part, I THINK the doodler was trying to portray the man's hand in a come hither kind of attitude, but.....well, hands are difficult to draw, or so I have read. The come hither might still work though. I mean he does have a bottle of something and the spare, who could resist that? Plus he's got the whole beard thing going on which is really in fashion right now. Sure, his bodies a shapeless blob, but none of us are perfect, right?

Winston and the Nazi

 As you can see, this is a newpaper clipping from April 1940. Good 'ol Winston is on puffing away on one side, and we have a cartoon with a Nazi soldier on the other. Winston, the man was a walking heart attack waiting to happen, overweight, smoking and drinking constantly, and I am pretty sure his job was on the stressful side. Haha.  This guy was the quite the character. If you haven't been to the Winston Churchill War Rooms in London, you are missing out. Highly recommended.

The translation is roughly, and I mean very roughly; Can I know? Hansi, your Wiener Child. Now, if anyone out there can make heads or tails of that, I will thank you. To me, and I excel at taking wild stabs in the dark, I think this Nazi wants to join the family. He has his suitcase and he means business. The look on the couples faces is priceless. So is this trying to say, look out world, we are moving in and taking over! 1940 was pretty early in the war, so maybe that is the case.