Friday, August 22, 2014


Indeed, I am posting an article I found on the 'Treatment of Hemorrhoids by Means of Injection.' It's a funny thing, going to Google translate and coming up with that sentence. The nurse in me wishes I could read the entire article, wondering what year it was published. The paper looks old, I would guess anywhere from 40's to 70's at the latest. And the other part of me, well, I debated. But then I wondered, why would someone save this article? And those thoughts alone have propelled me to post it.

Perhaps a doctor or nurse saved it, it's good information. Always best to be giving the latest treatments to your patients. Maybe a family member was suffering from hemorrhoids? Also good to keep informed as a patient, or family or friend of a patient. As someone who is translating an article for an antique book blog, a little surprising to say the least. I've never been one for dumb humor, I know, stick in the mud right here, so I didn't really find it amusing as say a 15 year old boy might, but I did find myself with half an 'oh my' face when I saw the title. Haha, maybe I have a tiny part of me that is silly like a teenage boy!

Ahem, anyway, here is your friendly reminder to get regular check ups, eat right, and exercise. I can totally turn this into a plug for being healthy!

All Dressed Up

Look at these two darling kiddos. First impression might say a little boy with his younger sister, but things were different back in the day. Even little boys got put in dresses until they were a little older. I have seen a picture of my grandfather as a very young child decked out in a dress. So, who's to say who is in this picture?

One interesting thing about this picture is that it's actually a postcard! Completely blank on the back, no writing, no year, no studio who created it, no names of the children, nothing. Maybe this is the proverbial Facebook wall of the day? Hey, here are our cute kids in their yearly picture, we made them into postcards so we could send them to all of the friends and relatives! That's probably a stretch of my ever active imagination. Whomever these two are, they are adorable. Maybe being adorable is enough to get your picture put on a postcard?

Tanks for the Drawing!

Someone got bored doing homework, or at least that is what I am guessing is on the flip side of this lovely picture. A pen and markers were handy, so schoolwork is completely plausible. I'm no military vehicle expert, but I can't help but think there are a few too many guns coming out of this thing.

I adore finding hand drawn pictures in my books. How old do you suppose this artist was? Part of me says 9 year old boy, but wouldn't it be awesome to find out that father of that boy actually drew this while on some boring work call or something. Growing up shouldn't mean we stop doodling tanks when the urge grabs us.

Surprising Kaj Munk Finding

 This is a wood carving of Kaj Munk that was found wrapped in plastic at a Lion's Club and was about to be sent to the flea market along with some other things they had in storage back in April of 1980. Whew, you have no idea how long that took me to figure out, longer than it should have. But, what can you expect from a girl giving up Diet Coke and who hasn't had a real piece of chocolate for weeks! Seriously, right? 

I have posted a few times about Kaj Munk, he is one of the people I most want to meet in the next life. So fascinating! And I typed that making the squint eyes, head nod, so fascinating face. So you you know how much I like this guy. If you don't know of him, check out my other posts or try your best at Google, but I warn you, not nearly enough information on Mr. Munk out there. I know, it's brutal.

The Neon Fair

This card could not be missed flipping though the pages of one of my books if I tried! The colors are either vibrant or blinding depending on the mood you are in. It was ripped out of something, I assume a magazine of sorts, one of those free cards to pull out and send a note on. I could be wrong, but I'm sticking with that guess.

You can see there is a note written on the back, of which I have about as much chance of deciphering as I do learning to lip read. Could happen, but with far more effort than I am ready to exert myself with at this time. I do know a few words of Danish, of course, but I'm having one of those 'ooh, look at the pretty picture' kind of night, not  a 'I want to learn everything right now' kind of night. I know you know what I mean, even if you don't admit it. It's alright. I never judge.