Thursday, April 9, 2015

WWI Postcard 1918

 This little card is from 1918, at first glance I thought the little guy was Hitler, but I had the wrong war. The postcard asks if Herold needs help at the store anymore and asks what he did for Easter. The writer also mentions a camp, military I am assuming. Love when I can actually read the writing.

Isn't it funny, the card about going to war? I think throughout history there has often been a sense of adventure  associated with going to war so of course little boys would be annoyed at being left out of the fun. These days, with the Internet and it's bringing the true violence and horrors of war right into our homes, we are not as woo hoo about going off to fight the good fight. Certainly we do. Of course we do. But it's a different kind of creature. Shout out to military people everywhere who do indeed fight the good fight.