Saturday, May 23, 2015

Denmark 1909 Christmas Seal Julen

One would think this stamp came attached to an envelope, but it was found a folded half sheet of paper. It is currently selling for a whopping 5 dollars online. It seems like it should be worth more, doesn't it?

I've tried to find who they used as a model for this stamp, but no avail. Isn't she lovely. Her moppet blonde hair, the perfect choice. Although, I do think this stamp looks a little more like springtime than Christmas. The star at the top is its only saving grace.

Beautiful Baby Antique Photo

Beautiful baby, look at those cheeks and that bow shaped mouth. Throw a little blonde hair on top of her head and she looks just like my niece. I all at once love to find pictures in my books, but at the same time it saddens me that it lost its way from the family who loved them.

 As a resident of Southern California, I have more than once packed up all my most important things to run away from a fire. Twice, actually. Which I think is more than enough for one lifetime. That said, photographs are the first things I go for. The old ones from my childhood, but more important to me are the photos of my children. The things that really matter, not truly the tangible things, but our memories.