Monday, June 22, 2015

Copenhagen Bookmark

Well, it's spelled differently on the bookmark itself, being made in Denmark and all. Love finding homemade....well, anything! How many things are homemade anymore? I remember being very little and my mother being at the sewing machine making clothes for the 5 of us. The four of us really, by the time the youngest came along, I think she had gone from making clothes to sewing blankets. I remember a particularly pretty dress, pink and white with black lace in various places. Oh, that thing itched like no other. Just seeing a picture of my small self wearing that dress makes me want to scratch myself. Rambling as per my usual. Cool bookmark.

Faded Memory

Literally the most faded photo I have yet too come across. Beach, boat, water, sign me up! I wish this had a date or beach name or anything. Someone probably spent a lovely holiday in a tropical oasis and turned to have one last look, pulled out the camera and created a lasting memory.

 I recently discovered that people used to take photos of loved ones after they had died. They prop them up and make them look as though they are still alive. It's morbid, on the one hand. I totally understand it on the other. But, if you know someone is ill and may not live, why didn't they take the picture at that point? Accidental deaths, sure, that I can kind of see. But, still morbid.

There was a movie I just adored as a child, it was Disney's The Parent Trap, not Lindsay Lohan, the original with Haley Mills and Maureen O'Hara. There's a scene where Haley's character "makes a memory" with her grandfather, recalling that he smells of tobacco and peppermint. I find myself doing this when a moment is just perfect. And, it's not at all morbid.