Monday, August 29, 2011

All Hands on Deck

These two pictures came out of the same book and are in excellent condition. Aren't these great! Everyone is up on deck. Maybe they were all getting seasick below. It's not exactly a Caribbean cruise though, is it. Look at those warm clothes and blankets. But it can't be miserable cold, they all have smiles on their faces. Isn't it curious, it's all women, other than the little boy. Do you suppose they are going on a trip or are they moving from their home country to somewhere else? Perhaps the husbands have gone ahead and gotten a job and a home ready and then sent for them. I think that was a fairly common practice way back when. Whatever their story is, I love the pictures they left behind. The little boy is a crack up. What a cute face. And the woman in the other photo trying to sleep, or just soaking up some sun and having a zen moment, love it. If only someone had written on the back of these pictures.

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