Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lone Girl at the Beach

I love this picture. Isn't she brave? Here I am at the beach, I'm the only girl in sight, and I'm going to stand up where everyone can see me, and have my picture taken. Maybe she is one of those girls who is totally comfortable with her body and it was no big deal. I am more of a board short and rash guard shirt girl myself, so when I see pictures of girls at the beach in their bikini's, I am often impressed by how brave they were to get their pictures taken. Captured on film FOREVER in their swimsuit! What if you were all bloated that day? It could haunt you forever. Alright, enough about my insecurities and back to our picture. She does seem to be the only girl in sight. I like to think that maybe her boyfriend wanted a picture of her to take off to college or war or something equally romantic and tragic. Or maybe she just lost 85 pounds and her friend took the picture to celebrate the skinny! Either way she looks fantastic, and I have totally seen that style of swim suit on people recently. Some styles just keep coming back. Sadly, some never go away. Just like the guy with the speedo in the background on the right. Seriously guys, unless you're an Olympic swimmer, please don't do the speedo thing. Please.

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