Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Bad Boy

I usually have this thing about not posting two pictures in a row, but this picture slid out of a book today and I can't quit thinking about it. It could be the way it's so bent and used, but I really think it's the guy. He's got this cool, swanky kind of look to him that I just can't seem to shake. Like he knows someone is taking his picture, but he's not totally committed to it. He's too cool for that. You wanna look at me, here I am, in the flesh. It's the head tilt, the way his mouth is curled in almost a smirk. He's a bad boy. The kind you want, but your mother warns you about, which totally makes you want him more. And every girl out there wants a bad boy. I can see you shaking your heads, but it's true. Girls just have different lines drawn as to what dictates a bad boy. Girls, you know I'm right. You may not want a bad boy forever, but you still want one. We can't help it. Look at this guy. He's got cool written all over him, of course we want him! And I'm telling you, someone wanted this bad boy, wanted him badly. Carried this picture around with her, dreaming and wishing, likely for a long time. I don't blame her. There is something about him. Maybe it's his bad boy appeal, or maybe I just need to see that mouth smile. Wow, totally flabbergasted by an 80 year old picture.

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