Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rudolf Broby-Johansen

This article is letting us know that Rudolf has passed away. The year is 1987. Boy, this guy lived a crazy life. His father passed away when he was quite young and he helped his family survive by playing the violin for local farmers. When he did make it to school, at age 11, he decided he wanted to be a poet. He actually had a piece printed in 1920. That same year, he and couple of buddies, formed the Communist Student Fraction. It didn't last long and he formed the New Student Society. He went on to publish more poetry. One piece in particular got him into some trouble. The name of the piece was Blood. Five days after publishing the book, the Department of Justice brought charges against Broby - because the book had "obscene content" - and tried to confiscate the warehouse. 621 copies of the book were already in circulation, 700 had gone to print. In the District Court he was fined 300kr, or 14 days in jail. Must of been some "obscene content." It took 45 years, 1968, before the book appeared in a second printing. He went on to publish more works, start his own magazine, and was involved in arts education. Pretty interesting guy, not the happiest looking fellow, but interesting.

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