Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kaj Munk "Neils Ebbesen"

Another Kaj Munk article. If you have not read the other Kaj Munk posts, I recommend doing so. This article ran in December 1945. Just for your reference, Kaj Munk was assassinated by the Gestapo in January 1944. This article is talking about a radio program that brought to life one of Kaj Munk's plays, Niels Ebbesen. It talks a little bit about it not being exactly the way Munk probably had meant for it to be put out there. The play is about a real Danish hero who lived in the 1300's who was known for his killing of Count Gerhard III. This act symbolized the beginning of the liberation of Denmark. Romantic Danish poetry and modern ballads praise Ebbesen as a freedom fighter. Munk used his play, Niels Ebbesen, as a direct attack on Nazism. And we know where that got him. I am more and more impressed by Kaj Munk. I can see why I find so many articles about this amazing man.

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